Our Passion

Our love of data is evident across each touchpoint of the Watermelon parking system. Real-time analytics allow car park businesses the ability to reconcile their operations and access up-to-the-minute systems management at any point. We believe that every parking business should maximize their potential for data-capture and diagnostics so they can deliver a highly-competitive, exclusive experience to their customers.

At the heart of it, the Watermelon team is made up of real drivers who understand the needs of your customers. We crave seamless functionality that improves our daily routines, saves valuable time, and adds a personal touch to an otherwise impersonal interaction. Like any of our users, the Watermelon team values elegant but easy to use technology, time-saving capabilities, and a friendly encounter as we go about our day.

Our System

Our automated, cloud-based system goes beyond the cutting edge of consumer connectivity, bringing convenience, ease, and enjoyment to your drivers with each Watermelon interaction. With a focus on the future, Watermelon is seamlessly integrated into your operation and gives your parking operation a new solution to an old problem. Compared to us, traditional car park systems are counter-intuitive, maintenance-heavy, and aren’t user or operator friendly.

To bring parking towards the future, Watermelon provides a low cost, easy to maintain, and sleek system that allows greater control for car park owners.

Our Vision

Watermelon was created out of a goal and desire to do things better, to streamline driver’s experience, and to increase parking business’s capabilities for data capture and analysis. We surpassed our target and have gone beyond our shared vision in developing a system that is highly complex, yet utterly simple. The potential yields for your operation are endless when you integrate the Watermelon system into your parking operation.